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PATH International Certification Clinics

Cheff is proud to be a partner with PATH International as an advocate of continued education for Therapeutic Riding. Because we feel strongly that quality education and appropriate certification standards for instructors are essential, Cheff offers PATH International On Site Registered Level Instructor Certification Workshops, Certifications, and  Prep Clinics bi annually.  NEW FOR 2016, Cheff will also be hosting and ADVANCED LEVEL prep clinic and certification course (scroll down for more information)!

Registered Level Information:

Prep Clinics

The Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center has developed a "Prep Clinic" designed specifically for those individuals planning on going through the PATH International certification process.

This day long instructional course is taught by a PATH International certified evaluator and gives participants a realistic idea of what the process is like and how they may score in an actual test setting.   The majority of the day is spent in the barn doing hands on activities including individual teaching evaluations and riding tests which simulate actual testing.

Attendees will walk away with a report card detailing their strengths and areas that need improvement along with the confidence of knowing where they stand with the testing process.  Additionally, those individuals participating in Cheff's Prep Clinic will receive $50 off their registration fee, should they choose to certify at Cheff.

Feedback from this clinic has been overwhelmingly positive, and to date, over 95% of those who have gone through the clinic and decided to attend the OSWC at Cheff have passed.  Participation is strongly recommended.  Limited seating available.

Cost: $200

2016 Registered Level Prep Clinic Dates:

Saturday February 27, 2016
Saturday August 6, 2016

Registered Level Prep Clinic Reviews:

"Fun experience!  Would highly suggest this program for (anyone seeking) better prep!"

"If I certify, it will definitely be at Cheff... I came just looking to learn more, but left feeling like it was a great thing to pursue."

"I was hesitant to come because of the price, but the opportunity for feedback was too good to pass up. I enjoyed the day and I received excellent feedback to work on in the future."

"Leaving with a much better understanding of what to expect, strengths/weaknesses and suggestions on what/how to improve."

"Felt like I could ask anything."

"I think this prep clinic helped me to know what i need to work on. I thought the program was well organized and would recommend it to others"

"I feel (the instructor) did a great job giving positive criticism without making you feel bad or horrible. I enjoyed the day- would come for a 2 day too!"

"Wonderful instructor- clear, calm, and to the point."

"This gave me a better understanding of all the parts to teaching and riding and how to explain them. It really shows weaknesses in a constructive format."

"I feel much more prepared for the final certification."

"Worth the price!"

2016 Dates:

Saturday February 27, 2016
Saturday August 6, 2016

Click HERE for registration paperwork

PATH International Registered Level On Site Workshop and Certification

This course is the required avenue for acquiring your PATH Registered Instructor Certification (1st level.)

2016 Dates:

April 6-9

September 14-17

Click HERE for registration information

    Topics Covered

    The 2 ½ day workshop is open to PATH members 18 years of age or older. Some topics covered include:

    • Disabilities
    • Task analysis
    • Horse analysis/equipment
    • Learning styles
    • Goals and objectives
    • Mounting and dismounting
    • Qualities of an instructor
    • Lesson plans
    • Volunteers
    • Teaching techniques/demos
    • Riding skills (videos)
    • Skill progression


    Certification testing for the Registered Level consists of successfully completing a riding pattern and teaching a 20 minute class. Contact PATH International at 1-800-369-7433 or go to their website at to obtain the Registered Instructor Certification Program booklet which contains all information necessary information and the application form. You will receive a more detailed description of Phase One and Phase Two of the certification process when you apply for Certification.

    In order to attend our PATH International Registered Instructor Certification, you must have:

    • Submitted the Registered Instructor Certification Application, fee, and copies of current CPR and First Aid cards to PATH International
    • Completed and passed the PATH International Instructor Standards Course (score of 90% or better) and the PATH International Instructor Self-Study Course (score of 92% or better.)
    • Completed at least 25 hours teaching therapeutic riding lessons under the guidance of a PATH Certified Instructor
    • Received your confirmation of Instructor-In-Training status letter prior to our due date (TBA closer to certification clinic)*

    * You must provide us with a copy of your Confirmation of Instructor-In-Training status letter with your registration and payment in order to attend


    Workshop Only ................................. $400*
    Certification Only............................... $400*
    Workshop & Certification Testing.....$775*

    * Fees include lunches

    Late Fee:

    A Late Fee of $25 will be required for registrations received after the deadline

    Optional Fees:

    Lodging at Candlewood Suites (Special Cheff rates apply)

    Thursday Night Practice Ride

    Refunds will be given up to one week prior to the workshop/certification minus an administration fee of $100. No refunds will be given the week of the certification.


    Space in the Workshop & Certification will be limited and fills quickly. Registrations will be accepted in the order received and a waiting list kept when capacity is reached. You will receive your Phase Two Packet with candidate forms and lodging information after your Registration, Confirmation of Instructor-In-Training status letter and payment are received.

    Click HERE for registration paperwork!

    Workshop only Attendees: Return Cheff Registration form, lodging form and a copy of your PATH International membership card.

    Workshop/Certification Candidates: Return Cheff Registration form, lodging form, Thursday night ride form, a copy of your PATH International Instructor-In-Training (IT) letter, your PATH International membership card, and front & back copies of your CPR and First Aid cards.

    Certification Only Candidates: Return Cheff Registration form, lodging form, and copies of your PATH International Instructor-In-Training (IT) letter, On-Site Workshop Certificate, your PATH International membership card, and front & back copies of your CPR and First Aid cards.

    Mail the above with full payment to:

    Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center
    Jane Kalin, PATH International Workshop/Certification Coordinator
    8450 North 43rd St
    Augusta, MI 49012

    For any questions feel free to call or email Jane at 269.731.4471 or gro.retnecffehc@enaj

    ADVANCED Level Information

    Prep Workshop- June 2-4, 2016

    This 3-day workshop will focus on providing a comprehensive review of PATH Intl. Advanced Instructor Criteria and will explore all aspects of the Criteria through classroom discussion, hands on learning, and teaching opportunities with current Cheff Center participants. This workshop will include many opportunities for discussion and candidate evaluation.

    Who should attend?

    • Those planning to attend an Advanced Certification within the next two years
    • Instructors seeking professional development
    • Anyone wishing to improve upon their teaching skills

    Topics to be covered in the Workshop include:

    • Cognitive and physical disabilities
    • Able-bodied teaching
    • Personal riding skills in two disciplines
    • Group Instruction to individuals with disabilities
    • Group Instruction to individuals with cognitive disabilities
    • Tack and Adaptive Equipment
    • Lesson planning for diverse groups
    • Advanced mounting and dismounting techniques
    • Lungeing techniques


    • Participants must be PATH Intl. Registered Instructors with over 75 hours of instruction.
    • Participants will be asked to post a video on YouTube of their riding – two disciplines, no more than 5 minutes each – to be utilized for group discussion.
    • Participants must be secure riders at the walk, trot and canter.

    Cost: $600

    Registration Deadline - May 5th, 2016

    For more information and registration information, please click HERE to downlaod the PDF form.  

    Certification Information: 

    Dates:  October 7-9th, 2016

    Cost: $800

    Advanced On Site Certification Testing:

    • Section 1 - Written Examinationarrangements may be made to take at certification, but it is highly recommended to take this prior to attending the on-site certification.

    • Section 2 - Riding Component
    o Horsemanship
    o Riding Two Disciplines (Cheff has a candidate weight limit of 250 lbs)
    o Stable Management
    o Longeing
    o Equine Evaluation

    • Lesson Component
    o Able-bodied
    o Cognitive Disabilities
    o Physical Disabilities

    Lead Evaluator: Octavia Brown, PATH Intl Master Instructor/Evaluator
    Associate Evaluator: Marsha Anderson, PATH Intl Advanced Instructor/Evaluator

    For more information and registration information, please download the PDF HERE.

    If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please contact Jane (at Cheff) at 269-731-4471 or email her at gro.retnecffehc@enaj

    Cheff News

    Proudly Offering ADVANCED Level PATH Intl. Certification!

    For the first time in ages, Cheff will be offering an ADVANCED level PATH International Instructor prep workshop and certification in 2016!  We are super excited to be able to provide these opportunities to our Therapeutic Riding industry and look forward to hosting these events.  For more information, please check out the PATH International tab on our website menu!

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    Excited to Meet BUSTER the "Bronco"!

    Cheff is THRILLED to announce that we have received a grant from ‪#‎WMU‬ 's School of Public Affairs and Administration Nonprofit Program that will fully fund the purchase of an Equicizer!!! A group of 28 students enrolled in a nonprofit leadership course solicited proposals within our community, completed site visits, and deliberated as a team to choose recipients. We are incredibly honored to have been a part of their learning process and thankful that we were chosen as a 2015 recipient! We can't wait to meet "Buster"!!!  Check out this video to learn more about the equicizer!

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    What People Are Saying

    Cheff day is the highlight of my daughters week, our life is all about horses, thanks to the great people at the Cheff Center!!! Thanks for putting a big smile on her face every week.
    - Tina

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