Open Memo to Therapeutic Riding Clients, Parents, and Caregivers

To: Therapeutic Riding Clients, Parents, and Caregivers

From: Kim Berggren, Education Coordinator / lead Instructor

Subject: Apprentice Instructors

Date: February 14, 2019

CC: Brook Archer, Emily Kalin, Tara East

To Whom It May Concern,

Cheff’s mission includes providing education opportunities for instructor candidates.  Session 2 (February 18 through March 29) we will be mentoring a few candidates who need to obtain teaching hours.  If you/your child have an unfamiliar instructor in the arena, please know they are being closely supervised by me or one of our other instructors.

We offer these apprenticeships to help strengthen our industry, and at the same time, this helps to offset our cost of running our programs. 

If you have any concerns, I am available to visit with you.  Thank you for your understanding.

Kim Berggren

Lead Instructor/Education Coordinator