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Therapy horses are incredible animals.  It is not enough to have the right shape, the right height, or the right training; a therapy horse must have all of that plus intelligence, temperament, and general mental and physical soundness.  They must be able to distinguish cues from spastic movements, take unbalanced loads and conflicting directions with ease, enjoy attention, and remain calm when an unplanned event such as a seizure occurs on their back. As we rely on public donations to staff our herd, you can imagine that these particular individuals are not a dime a dozen. While we are always on the lookout for great horses, our herd is currently strong and dependable and we need to keep it that way!

Much like humans, as horses get older, their joints begin to degenerate.  This process can usually be managed with supplements and medications.  These methods, while effective, are also costly.  In order to keep our older and most used horses happy, healthy, and usable, we are seeking funding to establish an injection and supplement regimen for our horses with the greatest need.

Without this additional care, it is likely that these animals will become unusable for our programming needs.

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