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morgan meulman

on staff since: 2007

Where I can be found at Cheff: I spend the majority of my time sitting on my ball in the office I share with Jane- writing grants, posting on social media (for Cheff of course!), working on the website, and planning fundraisers.  You can also catch me running around with a camera taking photos of clients/horses, and if I'm REALLY lucky- sitting on top of one of our horses!

Favorite Cheff Horse: Tess!

What I do outside of work: Friends, family, horses, and dogs!  Together with my husband, Mike, and our yellow lab, Dublin, I live a fairly active life here in Augusta. I spend a significant amount of time in the saddle at Eastfork Farms where I work with two Quarter Horses named Bubbles & Peanut- horsing around with anything from chasing cows to jumping fences. 

Fun Fact: I love crafting!  I even have a heat press that I enjoy using to make funny shirts.