Cheff University

Cheff is proud to have strong roots in industry education and to continue its growth in that direction. It is our intention that those participating in our Cheff U programs not only graduate having enjoyed their experience and learned a lot, but also having contributed to Cheff's programming in a meaningful way.


One Day educational conferences 

On occasion, Cheff selects an industry related topic and puts on an intensive one day conference filled with diverse groups of speakers and presentations.  

One day conferences will be posted here!



Cheff's internship program has been restructured to more efficiently and effectively serve interns, staff, and clientele. As a result of this restructuring, Cheff has decided to take on a limited number of interns for 2019.


mentee opportunities 

Our center participates with PATH Intl. as a site offering Mentoring on a limited basis for those looking to achieve their Registered Level Instructor Certification. If you are interested in getting some extra guidance and logging some teaching hours in this program, we'd love to talk with you!

Teaching Hour Rates:

$35/[in arena teaching] hour
$800 for all 25 hours
$400 for 12 hours
$200 for 6 hours
$100 for 3 hours