Community Service


do you need community service hours?

If you are looking for an opportunity to log community service for school, court, or sports, and don't want to/can't commit to being on our volunteer team, read on!

Depending on your needs (hours you're looking to log) and your time frame, we may have a spot for you.  As a rule, Cheff will not 'create' volunteer time for community service volunteers (i.e. if we're on break, or don't have classes going on, we won't have staff come in to work with you because you need  your hours logged this week! ) We also cannot guarantee that you'll be working with our clients or horses in classes... it will depend on where we need the most help!

Community service volunteers do not go through traditional volunteer orientations.  Please contact Whitney at 269-731-4471 as soon as possible to let her know your needs so you can figure out a schedule that will work best for all involved!