Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic Riding provides healthy exercise to individuals with special needs by allowing them to participate in the sport of horseback riding in a success-oriented environment.

why therapeutic Riding?

Many measurable therapeutic gains come without the rider even being aware of being in therapy! The benefits are not only physical in nature or reserved for individuals with physical disabilities. There are emotional and psychological benefits as well.


Group/private lessons

Group and private lessons make up the bulk of Cheff's schedule.  Each client has individualized goals and each session's lesson's are designed to build on each other.   Riders are met where they are in terms of support needs, utilizing from 0-3 volunteers to assist them on their quest to learn riding skills.

Additional Specialized T.R. Programs at Cheff

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silver saddles

This class was created to fit the needs of the increasingly active senior population. The program is designed to provide exercise as well as social interaction.  Our initial pilot program received rave reviews and classes are growing in size! Participants must be over the age of 60, have a medical diagnosis, and their doctor's permission to participate.

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Equine Services for heroes

This program is designed specifically for Veterans.  Every volunteer and participant in this program shares the common experience of having served our country.  For some of these individuals, visiting the Cheff Center is a weekly occurrence.  For others, it's a one-time adventure made possible by their current enrollment in a local military PTSD treatment program.    For all of them, the Cheff Center represents a safe, non-judgmental environment where they can be around people who "get" where they are in their lives and what they are going through.  Interaction with the horses, in the saddle or on the ground, is inherently therapeutic and offers participants the chance to do something fun, challenging, and "normal."

CURRENT Clients can reserve their spot in TR Lessons by filling out the form HERE.

NEW clients considering therapeutic riding must complete the intake process prior to signing up for classes.