Hippotherapy is billed in 15 minute ‘units’ which are $45. Cost per visit varies depending on how long your scheduled appointments are.

(Physical Therapy)

Therapeutic Riding

Group Therapeutic Riding lessons last approximately 1 hour and are $40 a lesson. Private lessons last for 30 minutes and are $50 a lesson. Lessons are billed in “sessions” (between 4 and 7 weeks) and payment is due no later than the first lesson of each session.

Some insurances do cover Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (particularly Hippotherapy.) Cheff does NOT bill insurance, but may be able to provide you with the necessary documentation to submit for reimbursement.


Cheff does have limited scholarship opportunities for those who demonstrate great financial need. We also may be able to refer clients with financial need to other community resources who may be able to help. If you feel you may qualify for financial aid, please contact Sandi at Cheff - 269-731-4471.

Financial Aid