In-Kind Donations

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Cheff will very gladly take in kind service & material donations!

As you can imagine, caring for 15-20 horses can get pretty expensive. The following list allows Cheff supporters a chance to contribute to the center in a specific way that they know will be both used and appreciated. .  If you would rather contribute towards the purchase of a specific item, simply click on the "make a donation" tab and specify where you would like your donation to go. As always, every little bit helps and we much appreciate your generosity!

You can also make a direct purchase from our Amazon Wish List HERE… be sure to use Amazon Smile!

Barn Cats:
o Cat Food (canned and/or dry)

Office Supplies:
o Post It Notes
o Glue Sticks
o Power Strips
o Heavy Duty Extension Cords
o Duct Tape
o Masking Tape
o White Board Markers
o White Board Cleaner
o Gift Cards (Sams Club, Staples, Meijer, etc)

o Any Craft Supplies for our Students
o LED Light Bulbs
o Coffee
o Hot Chocolate
o Disposable Coffee Cups
* “fun sized” Candy

o Muck Shovels (Plastic if possible/metal ones wear down fast)
o Manure Forks
o Witches Brooms
o Wheelbarrows
o Weed Wacker String
o Clorox/Lysol Wipes
o Bleach
o Murphy's Oil Soap
o Simple Green
o Window Cleaner (spray can kind is preferable)
o Toilet Bowl Cleaner
o Laundry Detergent
o Toilet Paper
o Hand Soap
o Lysol Spray
o Lysol Floor Cleaner
o Water Proofing Spray

* Medicated Shampoo
* Fly Spray
* Fly Masks
* Fly Sheets
* Leather English Headstalls (horse Sz)
* Pitch Forks
* Horse Treats
* Dewormer
* Back on Trac English & Western Pads
* Bell Boots
* Paddle Brushes (for manes/tails)
* Wide Tree All-Purpose or Dressage Saddles
* Wide Tree Western Synthetic Saddles
* Back on Trac Therapeutic Horse Sheet (sz 81)
* Metal Manure Shovels
* Mouthwash
* Bleach
* Leather Cleaner

o Western Pads (wool and non slip)
o Pony Sized Western Pads (rounded for our short backed horses)
o Memory Foam (we cut it to make saddle pads!)

If you are a licensed plumber, an electrician, clean carpets, etc. and would like to donate your services, we'd love to talk with you!