On Demand Instructor Evaluations 


This is the ‘evaluation only’ version of our registered level instructor prep clinic; geared towards those who are confident in where they stand prior to actual certification* and perhaps just need some additional affirmation or feedback.

The day I heard the Cheff Center was offering the On Demand Evaluation, I jumped at the chance. I highly recommend signing up for the Evaluation AND the Prep Clinic. My evaluation and time there provided me with a wealth of information. I found it very, very helpful. I am so glad they offered this and that I was able to make it. I left more confident that I was on the right “PATH”!
— Emily E.

For a fee of $100, candidates are invited to schedule a visit to Cheff during a week day for approximately 4 hours of evaluation. Attendees will teach a group class (including mounting and dismounting), ride the evaluation pattern, and be scored on written objectives and lesson planning. Each individual will go home with a ‘report card’ detailing strengths and areas of improvement as well as a fairly good idea of where they stand in the testing process.

Each on-demand evaluation will be conducted by a PATH certified Registered/Advanced Level Evaluator.

*Instructor candidates looking for a more in depth educational/testing experience are encouraged to check out our certification prep clinics which are designed with equal emphasis on education as well as pre-testing. These clinics welcome the “what if’s”, “I need help with”, and “what should I do if” types of questions and very much benefit those who are on the fence about being ready to certify.