Volunteer Spotlight: Ann Lindsay

For Ann Lindsay, volunteering at Cheff is a labor of love.

In the past year, Ann has logged nearly 300 hours of service in regular programing. She additionally volunteers to represent Cheff in the community at volunteer fairs and is a member of our Ride-a-Thon event committee.

“I love everything about Cheff. It especially means a lot to me to get to know the clients over the course of a session or longer and to see them develop a relationship with the horse they ride. It’s so interesting and uplifting. ”

Ann was first introduced to Cheff in the 1970’s when her brother participated in programing and she was able to volunteer. “The experience made a big difference for my brother and was wonderful for our entire family.” When she re-located back to the area in her adult life, returning to Cheff was a natural fit. She’s currently volunteering three days a week!

In addition to interaction with clients and horses (especially her favorite, Awesome) Ann loves building relationships with other volunteers and staff members. “What I really enjoy about being a Cheff volunteer is the camaraderie with the staff and other volunteers. There’s always something new to learn and there’s always someone who will help you out.”

We’re so lucky to have Ann on our team and can’t say enough wonderful things about her. Thank you, Ann!